Environmental Statement

Making a Great Lake Superior 2007 pledges to reduce the impact to the air, water, and land of the Lake Superior Basin from the transportation, energy demand, and waste created by planning and attending this conference. To this end, Making a Great Lake Superior 2007 will reduce the overall impact of the conference and respect the spirit of the Lake Superior Zero Discharge Demonstration Program to eliminate the release of toxic substances in the basin, through a pollution prevention approach to all aspects of the conference including:

The Specifics: Minimizing Our Negative Impact

Carbon Negative: Minimizing and Offsetting Carbon

You Are What You Eat

Waste Not, Want Not

We’ll be updating things here as we make progress – eventually we’re hoping to host a forum for ridesharing from this site as well as give you more details about our carbon offsets, food suppliers and waste reduction initiatives as they get going. As you register, note that you can specify your interest in carpooling or chartered bus travel. These will help us organize transportation options that minimize greenhouse gas production. During the conference you’ll also be able to access a conference webcast from this site.

For more information on green meetings, refer to some of the resources we used:

Green Meeting Guides:
Environment Canada

Resources for Hosts and Planners:

DECC Environmental Policy:

Renewable Energy:
Gold Standard vendors