Presentation Topics

Areas of Concern

PDF Achieving Integrated Habitat Enhancement Objectives in Lake Superior Areas of Concern
Ken Cullis, Ontario MNR
PDF Application of Michiganís Statewide Delisting Criteria for Removing Beneficial Use Impairments
Julie A. Sims, Michigan Dept. of Environmental Quality
Co-author: Roger Eberhardt
PDF Canada-Ontario Decision Making Framework: Assessment of Great Lakes Contaminated Sites
Roger Santiago, Environment Canada
PDF Cleanup of Newton Creek and Hog Island Inlet, A Partnership in Success
John H. Robinson, Wisconsin Dept. of Natural Resources
Co-authors: Mark Broses, Scott Ireland, James Hosch, Duane Lahti, Nancy Larson
PDF Delisting Habitat-Related Beneficial Use Impairments
Karen M. Rodriguez, U.S. EPA Great Lakes
Co-author: Danielle Green
PDF Great Lakes Legacy Act: Program Overview and Status of Lake Superior Projects
Scott Ireland, U.S. EPA Great Lakes National Program Office
Co-author: Marc Tuchman
PDF Public Involvement and Leadership for the St. Louis River AOC
Julene L. Boe, St. Louis River Citizens Action Committee
Co-authors: Phil Monson, Ted Smith
PDF Public Participation in the St. Marys River Remedial Action Plan
Mike Ripley, St. Marys Binational Program Advisory Council
PDF Remedial Action Plans for Lake Superior Areas of Concern: Status, Current Issues and Delisting Outlook
John Marsden, Environment Canada; Mark Elster, U.S. EPA
PDF State of Wisconsin Approach to Review of Restoration Goals and Development of Delisting Criteria for the St. Louis River Area of Concern on Lake Superior
John C. Jereczek, Wisconsin Dept. of Natural Resources
Co-authors: Mark J. Broses, Duane Lahti, Charlene Johnson, Roy E. Schrameck, Sanjiv K. Sinha
PDF Thunder Bay AOC Remedial Action Plan (RAP) Public Advisory Committee (PAC)
Bob Hartley, Thunder Bay PAC

Climate Change

PDF Assessing Vulnerability and Developing Adaptation Strategies at the Municipal Level
Allan Douglas, Laurentian University
PDF How Will Climate Change Affect Phytoplankton Photosynthesis in Lake Superior?
Stephanie J. Guildford, UMD Large Lakes Observatory
Co-authors: Rebecca L. North, David C. Depew, Greg M. Silsbe, Ralph E.H. Smith
PDF From Global to Local: Climate Change in the Lake Superior Basin
Linda Mortsch, Environment Canada
PDF Not-So-Early Worries About Climate Change
Bob Krumenaker, NPS Apostle Islands National Lakeshore
PDF Rapid Warming of Lake Superior Surface Waters: The Role of Ice
Jay A. Austin, UMD Large Lakes Observatory
Co-author: Steven S. Colman
PDF Thunder Bay: Enhancing and Protecting our Environment
Darrell Matson, Sarah Kerton, City of Thunder Bay
PDF Trends and Variability for Ice Cover on Inland Lakes
John Magnuson, Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison
Co-author: Barbara J. Benson
PDF Vessel-Based Climate Change Education: An Example Program
Cynthia Hagley, Univ. of Minnesota Sea Grant Program
Co-authors: Jesse Schomberg, Sue O-Halloran, Amy Eliot

Fisheries and Aquatic Ecology

PDF Ecological Interactions of the Offshore Fish Community in Lake Superior
Jason D. Stockwell, Gulf of Maine Research Institute
Co-authors: Daniel L. Yule, Thomas R. Hrabik, Michael E. Sierszen, Mary T. Negus, Owen T. Gorman, Donald R. Schreiner, Mark P. Ebener
PDF Fisheries Management Plan for the Minnesota Waters of Lake Superior: A Model for Public Participation in Resource Management
Don R. Schreiner, Minnesota Dept. of Natural Resources
PDF The Future of Ecosystem Monitoring and Assessment for Lake Superior
Carl Richards, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Mid-Continent Ecology Division, Duluth, MN
PDF Lake Superiorís Lower Trophic Levels
Mary Balcer, Univ. of Wisconsin-Superior
PDF Nearshore Ecological Interactions in Lake Superior
Owen T. Gorman, U.S. Geological Survey
Co-authors: Jason D. Stockwell, Daniel L. Yule, Thomas R. Hrabik, Mark P. Ebener, Thomas Pratt
PDF Nearshore Native Fish Rehabilitation
Henry R. Quinlan, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Co-authors: Steve Schram, Pat Furlong, Mike Friday, Tom Pratt, Marilee Chase, Bill Mattes, Mike Seider, Casey Huckins
PDF Sea Lamprey in Lake Superior and Their Effects on the Fish Community
Mark P. Ebener, Chippewa Ottawa Resource Authority
Co-authors: Todd B. Steeves, Chris J. Harvey, Carolyn K. White, Timothy E. Essington
PDF Tribal Involvement in Lake Superior Fisheries
Reggie Cadotte, Great Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife Commission
PDF Understanding the Canadian Species-At-Risk Act
Thomas C. Pratt, Fisheries and Oceans Canada
PDF Use of Hydroacoustics as a Tool to Assess Pelagic Prey Fish in Lake Superior
Dan. L. Yule, USGS-GLSC Lake Superior Biological Station
Co-authors: Thomas Hrabik, Matt Balge, Jason Stockwell, Jared Meyers

GIS, Great Lakes Observing System & Information Management

PDF Environmental Monitoring of Lake Superior Using CoastWatch Data and JAVA GIS
George Leshkevich, NOAA/Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory
Co-author: Songzhi Liu
PDF GIS and the Internet: OGC and Interoperability
Tom Kralidis, Environment Canada
PDF The Lake Superior GIS: A Habitat-Based Decision Support System for the Great Lakes Basin
Christine A. Geddes, Univ. of Michigan Institute for Fisheries Research
Co-author: Edward S. Rutherford
PDF Linking Watershed-Scale Stressor Gradient to Nearshore Habitat Types for Setting Restoration Targets
George Host, Univ. of Minnesota Natural Resources Research Institute
Co-authors: Tom Hollenhorst, Marc Hershfield
PDF Recent Trends in Great Lakes Research: How Does Lake Superior Stack Up?
Stephen A. Bortone, Univ. of Minnesota Sea Grant Program
Co-authors: Sharon Moen, Danielle Scheuer
PDF Using Internet GIS to Empower Cooperative Management of Invasive Species:
Miles Falck, Great Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife Commission
Co-author: Dara Olson
PDF Wisconsinís Great Lakes Circle Tour Coastal Access Guide: Using Web Mapping to Support Coastal Cultural Tourism
David Hart, Univ. of Wisconsin Sea Grant Institute
Co-authors: Matthew Purdy, Jennifer Zeisloft, Sam Johnson, Stephen Ventura

Habitat Conservation and Species Management

PDF An Assessment of the Applied Research, Management, and Outreach Needs Associated with Wisconsinís Great Lakes Freshwater Estuaries
Patrick Robinson, Univ. of Wisconsin Extension
Co-author: Robin Shepard
PDF Development of a Lake Superior Basin Herp Monitoring Program
Gary S. Casper, Univ. of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Co-authors: Stephen Hecnar, Ashley Spenceley
PDF Establishing An Invasive-Free Zone
Michael J. Mlynarek, Darienne McNamara, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
PDF Getting the Message Out: Two Efforts to Educate the Public About Current Lake Superior Research and Management Programs
Molly A. Thompson, Sugarloaf: The North Shore Stewardship Association
Co-author: Andrew Slade
PDF Great Lakes Environmental Indicators (GLEI) Project in Lake Superior
Gerald J. Niemi, U of MN Natural Resources Research Institute
Co-authors: Richard Axler, Valerie Brady, John Brazner, Jan H. Ciborowski, JoAnn Hanowski, George Host, Robert Howe, Lucinda Johnson
PDF The Hog Island and Newton Creek Ecological Restoration Master Plan: A Template for Restoration in a Lake Superior Area of Concern
Keith Bowers, Ivette Bolender, Biohabitats, Inc.
PDF How MNR, Through the Canada-Ontario Agreement Respecting the Great Lakes Basin Ecosystem, Supports the Lake Superior LaMP
Marilee Chase, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources
Co-authors: Barbara Mabee, Dawn Walsh
PDF Natural History of Coastal Wetlands in the Greater Chequamegon Bay Area
James E. Meeker, Northland College
PDF Stream Stewardship: Linking Science With Action
Lucie Lavoie, EcoSuperior Environmental Programs

Human Health

PDF Assessing Beach Userís Knowledge of Rip Currents in Lake Superior
Jesse Schomberg, Univ. of Minnesota Sea Grant Program
PDF Beach Sanitary Surveys and Beach Monitoring Program
Heidi Bauman, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
PDF "Eat Fish But Choose Wisely" Outreach to Vulnerable Populations in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan
Mike Ripley, Chippewa Ottawa Resource Authority
Co-authors: Rick Haverkate, John Dellinger, Jennifer Dale, Gera Simpkins
PDF Fish Consumption Advisories Topics
Patricia McCann, Minnesota Dept. of Health
PDF From Reserve Mining to Today: Amphibole Mineral Fiber Issues on the Mesabi Range
Hillary M. Carpenter, Minnesota Dept. of Health
PDF Identifying Seasonal Sources of Escherichia coli at Beaches in the Duluth-Superior Harbor
Dennis L. Hansen, Univ. of Minnesota Duluth
Co-authors: Satoshi Ishii, Michael Sadowsky, Randall Hicks
PDF Tribal Assessment of PBT Contaminant Concentrations Across Size Ranges of Four Commonly Harvested Lake Superior Fish
Matt Hudson, Great Lakes Indian Fish & Wildlife Commission

Invasive Species

PDF Impacts of Aquatic Invasive Species on the Lake Superior Fishery
Jeffrey L. Gunderson, Univ. of Minnesota Sea Grant Program
PDF The Invading Species Awareness Program for Ontario
Francine MacDonald, Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters
Co-author: Beth Brownson
PDF Moving to Ballast Treatment: The Great Ships Initiative
Allegra Cangelosi, Northeast-Midwest Institute
Co-authors: Mary Balcer, Matt TenEyck, Steven Fisher, Nicole Mays
PDF Overview of Non-Native Species Introductions into the Lake Superior Basin, 1883-2006
Douglas A. Jensen, Univ. of Minnesota Sea Grant Program
Co-author: Jeffrey L. Gunderson
PDF The Role of Governments: Changing Policy, Legislation, and Actions to Address Aquatic Invasive Species
Roger Eberhardt, Michiganís Office of the Great Lakes
PDF Successes in Public Education to Prevent the Spread of AIS: Partnerships That Work!
Douglas A. Jensen, Univ. of Minnesota Sea Grant Program

Non-Point Source Pollution/Stormwater Runoff

PDF A Blooming Good Time: Building Rain Gardens as Stormwater Education Tools
Amber Westerbur, City of Superior, WI Environmental Services Division
Co-author: Diane Thompson
PDF Assessing the Impacts of Field Days for Youth
Wayne R. Seidel, Univ. of Minnesota Extension and Cook and Lake Counties
Co-authors: Barbara W. Liukkonen, Nathan J. Meyer
PDF Developing a Storm Water Assessment Program
John S. Gulliver, Univ. of Minnesota
Co-authors: A.J. Erickson, P.T. Weiss, R.M. Hozalski
PDF Interactive Web-Based Data Visualization for Discovery and Decision-Making:
Richard Axler, U of MN Natural Resources Research Institute
Co-authors: George Host, Norm Will, Cynthia Hagley, Jesse Schomberg, Jerry Henneck, Elaine Ruzycki, Gerry Sjerven, Todd Carlson, Jane Reed, Marnie Lonsdale
PDF The Lake Superior Basin Partner Teamís "Guide to Understanding the Hydrologic Condition of Wisconsin's Lake Superior Watersheds" and ďMarengo River Watershed Test CaseĒ
Sandra Dee Schultz-Nass, Stable Solutions LLC
PDF Long Term Trends in Atmospheric Deposition and the Nitrification of Lake Superior
Robert E. Hecky, Univ. of Minnesota Duluth
Co-authors: Michael Stainton, Ken Beaty, Doug Guss
PDF Managing Woodlands on Lake Superiorís Red Clay Plain
Kristin E. Shy, Wisconsin Dept. of Natural Resources
Co-author: Carmen Wagner


PDF A Sustainability Framework for the Lake Superior Basin
Martin Nantel, Environment Canada
PDF Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy and Sustainability Efforts of the Bad River Tribe
Tom A. Wojciechowski, Univ. of Wisconsin Extension
PDF Enhancing and Protecting Our Environment
Lynn Peterson, Mayor of Thunder Bay
PDF Introduction to the Lake Superior Binational Program and the Lakewide Management Plan
Glen Dale and Bruce Lindgren, Lake Superior Binational Forum
PDF Making A Great Lake Superior in Bayfield, Wisconsin
Larry MacDonald, Mayor, Bayfield, Wisconsin
PDF Sustainability SPaRK (Superior Paradigm for Reframing Knowledge) Track Title: Eco-Industrial DevelopmentĖA Path Toward Sustainability in the Lake Superior Region
Timothy M. Nolan, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
PDF The Sustainable Chequamegon Initiative
Steve Sandstrom, Alliance for Sustainability
PDF Using Indicators to Empower Protection of the International Puget Sound and Georgia Basin Ecosystem
Sarah Brace, Puget Sound Partnership
Co-authors: Gevan Mattu, Heidi Siegelbaum, Michael Rylko

Toxic Pollutants

PDF Contaminants Past, Contaminants Future: The Unique Story of Lake Superior
Deborah Swackhamer, University of Minnesota
PDF Lake Superior Chemical Inventory and Reduction Strategies
Carri Lohse-Hanson, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency Co-author: Kate Taillon
PDF Community Based Pollution Prevention Programs: The Road to Sustainability
Jim F. Bailey, EcoSuperior Environmental Programs
PDF Hi Ho Silver, Heave Ho Quicksilver!
Jane Edwards, City of Superior, WI
PDF The Impact of Long Range Atmospheric Transport from Out-of-Basin Sources of PBTs on the Great Lakes Basin and Implications for Lake Superior
Srinivasan Venkatesh, Environment Canada
Co-authors: Jianmin Ma, Ashu P. Dastoor, Sunling Gong, Yi-Fan Li, Cindy Yang
PDF Mercury Concentration in Participants' Hair at the Making A Great Lake Superior Conference
Carri Lohse-Hanson, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
PDF Methylmercury Production and Incorporation into the Lower Food Web of Contrasting Nearshore Environments of Chequamegon Bay, Wisconsin
Jacob Ogorek, Univ. of Wisconsin-LaCrosse
Co-authors: Kristofer Rolfhus, Roger Haro, James Wiener
PDF Monitoring Persistent Bioaccumulative Toxics in National Parks
Bill Route, National Park Service
Co-authors: Ulf Gafvert, Ted Gostomski
PDF New and Emerging Chemical Threats to the Lake Superior Ecosystem
Matt Hudson, Great Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife Commission

Water Levels and Withdrawals

PDF The International Upper Great Lakes Study
William Werick
Co-author: Anthony J. Eberhardt
PDF Lower Lake Levels: Issues in Dredging
Richard Stewart, Univ. of Wisconsin-Superior/Great Lakes Maritime Research Institute
PDF Reconstructing Past Lake Levels in the Lake Superior Basin
Todd A. Thompson, Indiana Geological Survey
PDF Regulation of Lake Superior Outflows
Robert J. Caldwell, Environment Canada, Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Region
Co-author: Scott J. Thieme
PDF Water Availability in the Great Lakes Basin
Norman G. Grannemann, U.S. Geological Survey
Co-author: Howard Reeves
PDF Water-Level Fluctuations: Driving Force Behind Great Lakes Coastal Wetlands
Douglas A. Wilcox, U.S. Geological Survey

Watershed Stewardship

PDF A View From the Lake: Providing Coastal Communities with a New Perspective on Natural Resource Issues
Susan OíHalloran, Univ. of Wisconsin-Superior
Co-authors: Cindy Hagley, Jesse Schomberg, Amy Elliot
PDF The City of Superior Special Area Management Plan (SAMP): Urban Natural Resource Management
Charlene Johnson, SEH, Inc.
Co-authors: Jeff Vito, Mary Morgan, Jason Serck
PDF Developing a Lake Superior Freshwater Estuary Center Through a National Estuarine Research Reserve Designation
Becky Sapper, Univ. of Wisconsin Extension
Co-authors: Patrick Robinson, Cathy Techtmann, Travis Olson
PDF Greatest of the Great Lakes: A Medley of Model Lessons
Cynthia A. Hagley, Univ. of Minnesota Sea Grant Program
Co-authors: Robin Goettel, Terri Hallesy
PDF The Lake Superior Youth Symposium (1995-Present)
Joan S. Chadde, Michigan Technological University
Co-author: Doug Jones
PDF The Need for an Organization to Link and Integrate Education, Research, and Management Activities within the Lake Superior Ecoregion
Ronald C. Sundell, Northern Michigan University
Co-author: Carl Lindquist
PDF Preliminary Needs Assessment for the Bad River Watershed Culvert Project
Michele C. Wheeler, Bad River Watershed Association
Co-author: Dorothy Lagerroos
PDF Simple Suggestions for Improving Current Great Lakes Programs and Why the Northwest Territories Act of 1787 Still Matters
Carl Lindquist, Superior Watershed Partnership