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500 images of a region - visualizing the great lakes

500 high-quality images were painstakingly gathered from 30 agencies by Minnesota Sea Grant and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Great Lakes National Office.

These images may be viewed and downloaded. If you want to own your own copy of the images, we sell a compact disk for $5, or you may borrow a slide set from us for 2 weeks for $25 by calling 218.726.8106.

The images may be copied for any purpose as long as they are properly credited to the individual photographer or agency.

natural resourcesmanagement of the great lakes
invertebrates, insects and reptiles
research and education
fishwater and sediments
birds and mammalsfisheries
commerce and development
bird tagging
parks, attractions and recreation
shippingparks 1
harborsparks 2
industryparks 3
utilitiesparks 4
issues concerning the great lakes
erosion and flooding
parks 5
scenic and picturesque images
pollutionscenic 1
contaminantsscenic 2
exotic speciesscenic 3



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