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What's Up With the Watershed Game?

Graphic: Watershed Game logo

In response to a variety of requests, here's what's happening with the highly successful Watershed Game created by Minnesota Sea Grant and many others nine years ago.

Stream, River, and Lake Versions (2012). These three versions continue to be strong tools and curriculum for many programs throughout Minnesota. We have about 10 Minnesota Extension and Minnesota Sea Grant staff trained to facilitate their use. We also have trained more than 60 other professionals throughout the state, PLUS about 25 people in 12 additional states. I understand that the Watershed Game is frequently used in Michigan, Indiana, Iowa and the Chesapeake Bay states. I know it has been a part of many county planning efforts. We're on our way to 10,000 plays!

Classroom Version (2015). Responding to multiple requests, we have spent the last year developing a youth version of the Watershed Game. This new Classroom Version is targeted at middle to high school students with a two-day lesson sequence, resources for teachers and students, additional hands-on activities, and an electronic score card that displays the game through a projector and automatically calculates the scores. The Classroom Version comes in a box for teachers; web-savvy folks can access it online and print it from there.

Updated Website (2015). Check it out! The facilitator page supports those trained on the use of the Watershed Game with videos, fact sheets, and more.

By John Bilotta
June 2015

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