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40 Years of Headlines

40 Years of Headlines

Minnesota Sea Grant turns 40 this year! Reflecting on this past, here are some favorite Seiche headlines.

Plastic Debris and Whale Burps (2012)

Aquatic Science Gets Hormonal (2011)

Next to Naught: Cleansing Ballast Water (2010)

How Didymo Became Rock Snot (2009)

Climate and Lake Superior's Crunchy Creatures (2009)

Scientists Find Bird and Human E. Coli in Wild Fish (2008)

Lake Superior Feels the Heat: Climate Change Discussed at Conference (2008)

Lake Superior Holds Onto Her Dead ... and Her Toxaphene (2007)

Hooked on Coasters (2004)

Rip Currents Hit Home: Public Education Campaign Begins (2004)

Harbor Corrosion: It's the Pits (2004)

Setting the Standard in Organic Aquaculture (2003)

Lake Superior's Deep-Water Donut Mystery (2002)

"Sensing" Duluth Streams (2002)

Mapping the "Secret" Spawning Ground of Lake Trout (2000)

Great Salt Lake Superior? Global Warming's Impacts Predicted (1999)

Ballast Water Filtering Project Comes to Minnesota (1998)

Reawakening a Sleeping Beauty of a Gene (1998)

They're a Hit! Portuguese Love Great Lakes Lamprey (1996)

Ruffe Waters Ahead for all Great Lakes (1995)

Environmental History Can Be Found in Fish Bones (1992)

Great Lakes Charter Won't Protect Lakes if Demand for Water Increases (1991)

How Much Pollution Falls on the Great Lakes (1991)

Conflict: The Tourism Trend of the 90s (1990)

Sewage: It's Everybody's Business (1988)

To Catch a Smelt: Luck, Labor, and Location (1988)

Grain Essential to Seaway's Future (1986)

PCBs Declining in Lake Superior (1986)

Voyage to the Bottom of the Inland Sea (1986)

The Seaway in the Year 2000 (1985)

Natural Products - Chemical Warfare Among Algea (1984)

Sea Camp Gets By With A Little Help From a Friend (1981)

One Good Turn for the Terns (1979)

Immersion Hypothermia Studied (1979)

Minnesota Faces Its Sea (1976)

By Sea Grant Staff
June 2015

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