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Youths and Educators Become More Great Lakes Literate

In 2013 Sea Grantís Partners in Education Program helped teachers, students and University of Minnesota Duluth undergraduates become more knowledgeable about the Great Lakes.

RELEVANCE: Over the past two decades, science literacy in the United States has nearly tripled. But - and it's a big "but" - the proportion of people who fall into this category remains small. Just 28% of adults can follow complex science issues and possibly render an informed opinion on them (J. Raloff, 2010. Science News 177(6): 13).

RESULTS: Sea Grant supports the Partners in Education program, which enables volunteers from the University of Minnesota's Department of Education and science majors to work with Sea Grant and the Great Lakes Aquarium to bring lessons about aquatic science to area school children. Last year 16 volunteer educators delivered Lake Superior science to approximately 60 teachers and 1350 students. The volunteer educators gained teaching experience while teachers increased their proficiency in incorporating Great Lakes literacy into their lessons. The Partners in Education curricula incorporated a variety of scientific vocabulary and different learning styles.

By Sea Grant Staff
July 2014

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