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Products and Publications

Aquatic Invasive Species Watch Cards Full Deck (individual cards also available): 15 species. Minnesota Sea Grant. (X188, Free)

Great Lakes Basin Map. Michigan Sea Grant. 2011. (G18, $10)

Wild Caught and Close to Home: Selecting and Preparing Great Lakes Whitefish. 2010. Michigan Sea Grant. (C11, $17.95)

Stormwater is not Just Rain! 2004. Regional Stormwater Protection Team. (WQ1, free)

Online Resources

Winning Fish Recipes

Cooking your Catch

Aquatic Invasive Species of Lake Superior

Hypothermia Prevention: Survival in Cold Water


Journal Reprints

NEW! JR603. Branstrator, D., Shannon, L.J., Brown, M.E., and Kitson, M.T. 2013. Effects of chemical and physical stressors on hatching success of Bythotrephes longimanus resting eggs. Limnology and Oceanography 58(6): 2171-2184. http://aslo.org/lo/toc/vol_58/issue_6/2171.pdf

JR606. Eichmiller, J.J., Hicks, R.E., and Sadowsky, M.J. 2013. Distribution of genetic markers of fecal pollution on a freshwater sandy shoreline in proximity to wastewater effluent. Environmental Science and Technology 47: 3395-3402.

JR604. Ran, Q., Badgley, B.D., Dillon, N., Dunny, G.M., and Sadowsky, M.J. 2013. Occurrence, genetic diversity, and persistence of enterococci in a Lake Superior watershed. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 79(9): 3067-3075.

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February 2014

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