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Looking Ahead

Jeff Gunderson

Jeff Gunderson

I won't be the first to wish you a happy and prosperous New Year, but still I hope you, your family and friends, and work place enjoy a great 2013. We have exciting expectations for Minnesota Sea Grant in 2013, but we've also recently spent a fair bit of time planning for 2014 to 2017. Along with our Advisory Committee, we completed our newest strategic plan last fall. We recently learned that the National Sea Grant office gave our 2014-2017 strategic plan an especially favorable review and accepted it without revisions.

Based on that plan and input from our Advisory Committee, Minnesota Sea Grant released a request for proposals (RFP) to be funded in February 2014. An objective of the National Sea Grant program is to fund more social science projects. Also wanting to understand how society and human behavior are linked to water resources and vice versa, we gave a social science focus to our RFP. We are particularly interested in receiving proposals for social or economic research on services and benefits from Minnesota's aquatic resources and on the sustainability of coastal ecosystems. To that end, we held a seminar in the Twin Cities to introduce or reintroduce the research community there to Sea Grant. For the record, we continue to welcome applied science proposals that fit within our focus areas. For details about the RFP, www.seagrant.umn.edu/projects/rfp.

One of our goals is to address resource management issues with multidisciplinary, integrated solutions that are science-based and with respect to economic, societal, and political concerns. Along these lines we again joined with Wisconsin Sea Grant to put forward a joint RFP related to social science research. This is the third time we have partnered with Wisconsin to increase the size of a research effort,
encourage collaboration among researchers in the two states, and address specific research needs expressed by both states.

We always look at the submissions that come in with much the same anticipation children look forward to Christmas. While we set guidelines for the projects we'll fund, we never really know what form the proposals will take. Our regret is that funding limitations prevent us from supporting some intriguing and potentially useful research projects, but we do our best with the resources available. We look forward to pursuing "science serving America's coasts" in 2013 and beyond. Thank you for your continued interest in this endeavor.

By Jeff Gunderson
January 2013

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