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Products and Publications


Eat Fish Often? 2009. Fact sheet, Minnesota Department of Health. (CT1, free)

An Expectant Mother's Guide to Eating Minnesota Fish. 2008. Brochure, Minn. Department of Health. (CT4, free)

Stormwater is not Just Rain! 2004. Regional. Stormwater Protection Team.
(WQ1, free)

The Blue Thumb Guide to Raingardens. 2007. Rusty Schmidt, Dan Shaw, and David Dods. (WQ6, $17.95)

Online Resources

Cisco: Also Known as the Lake Herring.

Smart Growth for Coastal and Waterfront Communities. 2009. Book, NOAA, USEPA, International County Management Association, and Rhode Island Sea Grant. www.seagrant.umn.edu/downloads/wq7.pdf

Journal Reprints

New! JR 570. Ahrensdorf, T.D., Hrabik, T.R., Stockwell, J.D., Yule, D.L., and Sass, G.G. 2011. Seasonally dynamic diel vertical migrations of Mysis diluviana, coregonine fishes, and siscowet lake trout in the pelagia of Western Lake Superior. Transactions of American Fisheries Society 140(6): 1504-1520.

New! JR 580. Ruzycki, E.M., Axler, R.P., Henneck, J.R., Will, N., and Host, G.E. 2011. Estimating mercury concentrations and loads from four western Lake Superior watersheds using continuous in-stream turbidity monitoring. Aquatic Ecosystem Health and Management 14(4): 422-432.

New! JR 595. Hansen, D.L., Ishii, S., Sadowsky, M.J., and Hicks, R.E. 2011. Waterfowl abundance does not predict the dominant avian source of beach Escherichia coli. Journal of Environmental Quality 40: 1924-1931.

New! JR 598. Sterner, R.W. 2011. C:N:P stoichiometry in Lake Superior:
freshwater sea as end member. Inland Waters 1(1): 29-46.

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