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October 2011

Lake Superior’s Sustainable Cisco (or is it Lake Herring?) Fishery

Whether you call them cisco or lake herring, resource managers and commercial fishermen are harvesting this species in a sustainable way in the Minn. waters of Lake Superior.

Testing the Mettle of Genetically Modified Fish

In the first-ever investigation of its kind, researchers examined the long-term consequences of letting bioengineered fish mingle with wild-type populations.

Staff Mix with Water On and Off the Clock

Award winners and water enthusiasts. Work and play are almost indistinguishable to Sea Grant staff.

People’s Choice Awards: Recipe Contest – VOTE!

Chose your favorite lake herring hors d’oeuvre from a list of 8 recipes.

Educators Experience Shipboard Science

Sea Grant and the EPA took 15 educators out on Lake Superior to conduct experiments. Read what they discovered through this COSEE Great Lakes workshop.

Readers Want to Know: Does Caviar Really Come From Lake Superior?

Cisco (lake herring) and whitefish caviar from Lake Superior are hot commodities in the global market. Locally, these fish eggs are gaining fans.

Did Ja Know?

The Roswell Incident didn’t involve aliens but it did involve Sea Grant's founder.

Bow Watch

Happy Birthday Dr. Spilhaus

The "Father of Sea Grant" would be celebrating his 100th birthday on November 25, 2011. Enjoy this short column about "the flywheel of the machine of American science."

New Publications & Services

Products and Publications

The list is pretty fishy! New publications in print and online involve sturgeon in the St. Louis River, Lake Superior ciscoes, and three journal reprints concerning fish.


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