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April 2009

VHSv-Free, So Far

The fish-killing virus VHSv might not be as damaging to wild fish populations as was once thought, but fisheries experts still hope to keep Minnesota VHSv-free.

Climate and Lake Superiorís Crunchy Creatures

Copepods, the animals that dominate Lake Superior's zooplankton scene and look like food to many fish species, respond to wind and water temperatures.

COSEE Great Lakes Brings Great Opportunities

Teachers can take a science cruise on the Great Lakes for credit.

Isle Royale in the Classroom

Commemorating 50 years of research makes the largest island in Lake Superior more vivid to students and teachers.

Knauss Fellowship Update

Anne Cooper, our 2009 Knauss Fellow, and 2008 Fellow Julie Palakovich Carr send greetings from Washington, D.C.

The Sea Grant Files

Minnesota Sea Grant director Steve Bortone is hosting The Sea Grant Files, a new radio program airing each Wednesday morning on KUMD (103.3 FM).

Staff Update

Steve Bortone, Anne Kapuscinski, and Barb Liukkonen are leaving Sea Grant and Jeff Gunderson takes on a new responsibility.


View from the Lake boat trips, a conference about rip currents, and an opportunity to purchase economically priced rain barrels - learn about them here.

Did Ja Know?

One of the top science stories of 2008 was co-authored by a University of Minnesota Duluth and Large Lakes Observatory professor.




Bow Watch


Director Steve Bortone applauds his hard working staff while saying farewell.

New Publications & Services

Fresh Fisheries and Aquaculture Information

Learn more about raising baitfish, invasive crayfish, and parasites of freshwater fish through new information on the Minnesota Sea Grant Web site.

Rusty Crayfish: A Nasty Invader

Updated facts about an aggressive crayfish.

Brazilian elodea and Hydrilla invasive species WATCH card

Information about two invasive plants on one wallet-sized card.

Fresh Water: Understanding and Solving Freshwater Problems Facing the World

The Duluth area is a Mecca for freshwater research and outreach. Read about water-related projects and people.

Toward Sustainable Tourism

The tourism industry is meshing economic and environmental interests. Chile, New Zealand, and Australia provide a backdrop for innovative ideas.

Journal Reprints

Recent research about fish, zooplankton, bacteria, and endocrine-disrupting chemicals.


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