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Journal Reprints

Bergstrom, M.A. and A.F. Mensinger. 2009. Interspecific resource competition between the invasive round goby and three native species: Logperch, slimy sculpin, and spoonhead sculpin. Trans. Am. Fish. Soc. 138: 1009-1017. (JR 542)

Bergstrom, M.A., L.M. Evrard, and A.F. Mensinger. 2008. Distribution, abundance, and range of the round goby, Apollina melanostroma, in the Duluth-Superior Harbor and St. Louis River Estuary, 1998-2004. J. Great Lakes Res. 34: 535-543. (JR 542A)

Fujishin, L. M., F. K. Barker, D. D. Huff, L. M. Miller. 2009. Isolation of 13 polymorphic microsatellite loci for slimy sculpin (Cottus cognatus) (pdf). Published Online: 23 September 2009. Published Online: 23 September 2009. Conservation Genetics Resources. (JR 565)

Ishii, S., D. L. Hansen, R. E. Hicks, and M. J. Sadowsky. 2007. Beach sand and sediments are temporal sinks and sources of Escherichia coli in Lake Superior. Environmental Science and Technology 41:2203-2209. (JR 533)

By Sea Grant Staff
December 2009

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