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Journal Reprints

NEW! Byappanahalli, M.N, R. Sawdey, S. Ishii, D.A. Shively, J.A. Ferguson, R.L Whitman, M.J. Sadowsky. 2009. Seasonal stability of Cladophora-associated Salmonella in Lake Michigan watersheds. Water Res. 43:806-814. (JR 558)

Hansen, D. L., S. Ishii, M. J. Sadowsky, and R. E. Hicks. 2009. Escherichia coli populations in Great Lakes waterfowl exhibit spatial stability and temporal shifting. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 75(6): 1546-1551. (JR 560)

Hrabik, T.R., O.P. Jensen, S.J.D. Martell, C.J. Walters, and J.F. Kitchell. 2006. Diel vertical migration in the Lake Superior pelagic community: I. Changes in vertical migration of Coregonids in response to varying predation risk. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 63(10): 2286-2295. (JR 564)

NEW! Jensen, O.P., P.M. Yurista, T.R. Hrabik, and J.D. Stockwell. 2009. Densities and diel vertical migration of Mysis relicta in Lake Superior: a comparison of optical plankton counter and net-based approaches. Verh. Internat. Verein. Limnol. 30(6): 957-963. (JR 557)

Megard, R.O., E. Ralph, and M. Marko. 2009. Effects of Wind and Temperature on Lake Superior Copepods. Verh. Internat. Verein. Limnol. 30(5): 801-808. (JR 547)

AN OLDIE, BUT GOODIE! Wang, Y.J., L.A. Miller, M. Perren, and P.B. Addis. 1990. Omega-3 fatty acids in Lake Superior fish. J. Food Sci. 55:71. (JR 223)

NEW! Winchell, L.J. and P.J. Novak. 2008. Enhancing polychlorinated biphenyl dechlorination in fresh water sediment with biostimulation and bioaugmentation. Chemosphere 71: 176-182. (JR 562)

By Sea Grant Staff
September 2009

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