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December 2008

Invasive Species Management is People Management

The Minnesota Invasive Species Conference grappled with non-native species disturbing the state's terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. Read about the topics, the people, and the activities that made this first-ever conference a resounding success.

Minnesota Sea Grant Selects Latest Round of Research Projects

Seven scientists will be leading Sea Grant projects in Minnesota in 2009. Learn how they'll advance society's ability to manage Lake Superior and other freshwater resources.

Ballast Water is Topic of Symposium

Regulating ballast water discharges from ships is getting complicated. A Sea Grant symposium teased apart some of the challenges and opportunities that policies, technology, and the economy are creating for managing ballast water in the Great Lakes.

Readers Want to Know

What's a seiche?

Where are They Now?

Dave Caroffino checks in from his new position with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.

New Science Looks at Big Picture for the Future

Famed scientist and ecologist David Suzuki discuss sustainability science.

Staff Update

Marie Zhuikov was lured away by the Mayo Clinic, and Steve Bortone is busy cooking and advising estuary research.

Did Ja Know?

Mosquitoes travel with tires.

Bow Watch

Science by Another Name

Minnesota Sea Grant Director Steve Bortone explains why "sustainability science" resonates with our program.

New Publications & Services

Fresh Water: Understanding and Solving Freshwater Problems Facing the World

The Duluth area is a Mecca for freshwater research and outreach. Read about water-related projects and people.

Toward Sustainable Tourism

The tourism industry is meshing economic and environmental interests. Chile, New Zealand, and Australia provide a backdrop for innovative ideas.

Journal Reprints

Sea Grant researchers publish data regarding round gobies and fish distribution in Arctic lakes.


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