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A Meeting of the Minds

Director Steve Bortone

The truth may come across as braggadocio, but the truth is that Minnesota Sea Grant does many things very well. We fund research that addresses pressing issues pertaining to Minnesota’s waters. Just as importantly, we make the results of this research resonate. We do this by interacting with the public in a variety of ways, which include:

  • providing teaching aids and lesson plans for use in the classroom,
  • organizing field trips,
  • supporting students through fellowships and grants, and
  • offering presentations to civic groups and government agencies.

We have capable staff that uses sophisticated media to broadcast science-based information. But sometimes a good ol’ meetin’ is still the best way to transfer information. An example of this occurred during the latter part of October in Duluth. This was a meeting of the minds through the forum of our co-hosted "Making a Great Lake Superior 2007" Conference.

This conference was superlative in many ways. It was a place where the “best and the brightest” of research, academic, business, and agency talent came together to share ideas and learn from each other. The conference served as an outstanding venue for local, state, and national leaders to offer their keenest perspectives of the past, present, and future of this wonderful resource we call Lake Superior. Lastly, the conference served as the tallest of platforms from which to launch new initiatives through partnerships formed among sponsors, scientists, business leaders, teachers, students, and friends.

What an opportunity!

As I indicated (and according to our federal reviewers, Seiche survey respondents, and most recently, the folks who attended the Making a Great Lake Superior Conference), Sea Grant is a successful, far-reaching organization. Some of our most notable accomplishments occur when we join colleagues to host meetings such as this conference to provide an exceptional venue for meaningful interactions. For those who are endeavoring to make a Great Lake even greater, and for those concerned about the health and betterment of our lakes, ponds, streams and rivers, perhaps one of the most important things we can do is to facilitate a meetin’ – a meeting of the minds.

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Steve Bortone
Minnesota Sea Grant

By Steve Bortone
December 2007

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