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Journal Reprints

Branstrator, D. (2005) Contrasting Life Histories of the Predatory Cladocerans
Leptodora kindtii and Bythotrephes longimanus. Journal of Plankton Research. 27(6):569-585. (JR 510)

Crawford, H., Jensen, D., Peichel, B., Charlebois, P., Doll, B., Kay, S., Ramey, V., and O’Leary, M. (2001) Sea Grant Invasive Aquatic Plants: A National Outreach Initiative. Journal of Aquatic Plant Management. 39:8-11. (JR 520)

Fahrenkrug, S., Joshi, B., Hackett, P., and Jagus, R. (2000) Alternative Transcriptional Initiation and Splicing Define the Translational Efficiencies of Zebrafish mRNAs Encoding Eukaryotic Initiation Factor 4E. Differentiation. 66:15-22. (JR 417)

Kapuscinksi, A. (2005) Current Scientific Understanding of the Environmental Biosafety of Transgenic Fish and Shellfish. Revue Scientifique et Technique – Office International des Epizooties. 24(1):309-322. (JR 508)

Kapuscinski, A., Goodman, R., Hann, S., Jacobs, L., Pullins, E., Johnson, C., Kinsey, J., Krall, R., La Vina, A., Mellon, M., and Ruttan, V. (2003) Making ‘Safety First’ a Reality for Biotechnology Products. Nature Biotechnology. 21(6):599-601. (JR 522)

McManus, J., Heinen, E., and Baehr, M. (2003) Hypolimnetic Oxidation Rates in Lake Superior: Role of Dissolved Organic Material on the Lake’s Carbon Budget. Journal of Limnology and Oceanography. 48(4):1624-1632. (JR 521)

Miller, L., Kapuscinski, A., and Senanan, W. (2003) A Biosafety Approach to Addressing Risks Posed by Aquaculture Escapees. Chapter in Use of Genetically Improved and Alien Species for Aquaculture and Conservation of Aquatic Biodiversity in Africa, pp. 56-65. (JR 523)

Schomberg, J., Host, G., Johnson, L., and Richards, C. (2005) Evaluating the Influence of Landform, Surficial Geology, and Land Use on Streams Using Hydrologic Simulation Modeling. Journal of Aquatic Science 67:528-540. (JR 516)

Senanan, W., Kapuscinski, A., Na-Nakorn, U., and Miller, L. (2004) Genetic Impacts of Hybrid Catfish Farming (Clarias macrocephalus X C. gariepinus) on Native Catfish Populations in Central Thailand. Aquaculture235:167-184. (JR 490)

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By Sea Grant Staff
October 2006

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