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Journal Reprints

Branstrator, D. (2005) Contrasting Life Histories of the Predatory Cladocerans Leptodora kindtii and Bythotreephes longimanus. Journal of Plankton Research 27(6):569-585. (JR 510)

Miller, L., Close, T., and Kapuscinski, A. (2004) Lower Fitness of Hatchery and Hybrid Rainbow Trout Compared to Naturalized Populations in Lake Superior Tributaries. Molecular Ecology 13(1):3379-3388. (JR 501)

Olson, M., Axler, R., Hicks, R. Henneck, J. and McCarthy B. (2005) Seasonal Virus Removal by Alternative Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems. Journal of Water and Health 13(2):139-155. (JR 497)

Olson, M., Axler, R., and Hicks, R. (2004) Effects of Freezing and Storage Temperature on MS2 Viability. Journal of Virological Methods 147-152. (JR 504)

Pundsack, J., Axler, R., Hicks, R., Henneck, J., Nordman, D., and McCarthy, B. (2001) Seasonal Pathogen Removal by Alternative On-Site Wastewater Treatment Systems. Water Environment Research 73(2):204-212. (JR 475)

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By Sea Grant Staff
December 2005

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