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December 2004

Harbor Corrosion: It's the Pits

The rapid aging of steel in the Duluth Superior Harbor puzzles even corrosion experts. Five specialists offer observations and advice to port officials, university and agency staff, and Sea Grant.

Luring Ruffe with Smell

Female ruffe approaching ovulation release a pheromone in their urine that attracts males. Researchers believe this discovery could be applied to control this invasive fish.

The Case of the Watery Grave

Each July a blanket of dying algae forms 30 meters below the surface of Lake Superior. Find out why in this book excerpt.

Sea Grant Staff (and Products) Trot Globe

International conference-goers in Ireland got a dose of Habitattitude. Meanwhile, in Japan, city officials and symposium guests heard our latest reports on how community planning affects water quality.

Sea Grant Law Center Offers Free Help with Coastal Law Issues

Get answers for legal and legislative questions concerning Sea Grant-related topics.

Staff Update

Our ESCAPE and Leech Lake projects landed top awards from the Great Lakes Sea Grant Network. The American Planning Association lauded a presentation and CD linking land use with water quality.

Did Ja Know?

How many vessels enter the Duluth Superior Harbor each year and what are the two main domestic cargoes?

Bow Watch

Bow Watch: Fresh Water Defines Our Program

Director Carl Richards reflects on how MN Sea Grant embraces national goals but occupies a unique niche.

New Publications & Services

NOAA Sea Grant Unveils Restyled National Web Site

Sea Grant information has become even more accessible on the Internet.

Watch for Nets!

Know how to identify and avoid commercial fishing nets in Minnesota's Lake Superior through this new brochure.

Journal Reprints

We have 2 peer-reviewed journal articles available on the topics of Eurasian Ruffe and picoplankton.


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