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March 2002

A Lake with a View

Results from a recent survey show that Duluthians value the city's open space and are committed to protecting it. Minnesota Sea Grant directed the project that investigated residents' perceptions of natural and developed open space to add insight to community planning efforts.

Tubenose Goby "Leaps" to Duluth/Superior

An exotic tubenose goby was found in the Duluth Superior Harbor in April 2001. This is the species' first documented leap significantly beyond the St. Clair River.

Lake Superior's Native Lampreys

Lake Superior's native lampreys aren't bad, they're just ugly. Learn about three secretive lamprey species that have lived in the lake's tributaries for thousands of years.

Cousteau Speaks for Sweetwater Seas

Jean-Michel Cousteau praised Duluth's waterfront and advocated for the preservation of both freshwater and saltwater ecosystems when he spoke in Duluth last fall.

Force of 3 to Cooperate on ANS, Food Web, and Fisheries Issues

The Great Lakes Fishery Trust, the Great Lakes Sea Grant Network, and the Great Lakes Fishery Commission have joined forces to address the impact of aquatic nuisance species on the Great Lakes food web and on sport and commercial fisheries.

Graduate Student Hopes to Shed Light on Salmon Issues

Fulbright scholar and Sea Grant graduate student Anne Cooper will study the genetic conservation of Atlantic salmon in Norway with some of the world's leading authorities.

Where Are They Now?

This is a profile of Brian Looney, a former Sea Grant graduate student who now works as a senior fellow research engineer for the Savannah River Laboratory in South Carolina where he develops technologies to clean up contaminated soil.

Staff Update

Mike Cousino joins Sea Grant as a graphic designer; Carl Richards partners in new Great Lakes-wide research and chairs the Great Lakes Sea Grant Network; and Marie Zhuikov chairs two committees in 2002.

Did Ja Know?

... that lampreys fast?

Bow Watch

Bow Watch: Sea Grant is Unique

Minnesota Sea Grant Director Carl Richards discusses Sea Grant's structure and mission in light of the draft 2003 federal budget, which proposes moving Sea Grant from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to the National Science Foundation.

New Publications & Services

Groundwater CD Available

Resource managers, county staff, educators, and other people interested in groundwater can now own "Groundwater Education Materials," a compact disk containing information on groundwater movement, composition, contamination, and more. The CD costs $4.50.

Free Program Guide

Minnesota Sea Grant's newest "Program Guide" summarizes the research and public education projects underway between 2001-2003.

Journal Reprints

An article by Minnesota Sea Grant researchers from the proceedings of a freshwater mussel symposium is available for free.


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