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January 2001

Research Hazards

Minnesota Sea Grant scientists recall some memorable moments during their quests for data, the “gold” of science.

New Research Grants Awarded

We recently chose ten research projects involving Lake Superior and Minnesota’s inland lakes for funding.

The Smell of Fear: Ruffe “Alarm” Pheromones

University of Minnesota researchers have found that Eurasian ruffe, an exotic fish, produce a repellant smell. These pheromones could be used to reduce the spread of ruffe in the Great Lakes.

Expanding Seafood Safety from the Grocery Store to the Bait Store

A systematic method used to ensure food safety is now being adapted to minimize the presence of aquatic nuisance species in fish hatcheries and baitfish operations.

Major Zebra Mussel Infestation in Harbor Impacts Native Mussels, Boaters

A diver looking for native mussels in the Duluth-Superior Harbor finds grim conditions due to an infestation of zebra mussels.

“What If?” Planning a Watershed’s Future

Sea Grant is helping to sponsor a national program devoted to educating city planners and decision makers about the way land use influences water quality.

National Sea Grant Director Wins Presidential Rank Award

Ronald Baird, National Sea Grant Director, received an award for his work to position the United States as a world leader in marine research.

Where Are They Now?

This is a profile of Colleen Henson, a former Sea Grant-funded graduate student who now works as a biologist with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Did Ja Know?

Guess how many young zebra mussels exit Lake Pepin and float down the Mississippi River daily during the summer.









Bow Watch

Researching “Puzzling” Solutions

Minnesota Sea Grant Director Carl Richards describes how our program's research projects are chosen.

New Publications & Services

Cooking Your Catch

Those new to angling will appreciate the information found in this free brochure, which includes preparation guidelines, freezing information, and cooking hints, along with recipes for Great Lakes fish.

Rivers of Lake Superior

This free brochure features a list of rivers on the U.S. side of Lake Superior, with information on statistics, history, and management of the Lake Superior Basin and rivers.

Great Lakes Basin Facts and Maps

This is a set of brochures and maps filled with facts about the Great Lakes Basin.

Put an Aquarium on Your Wall

This new poster features 35 illustrations of Great Lakes Fishes.

Minnesota Sea Grant Web Site Revamped

We hope you are enjoying the new look and organization of our Web site. If you are not familiar with our site, here’s some information about what we offer.

Updated Publications List Available

Our revised list includes over 50 products (priced from free to $60) we have created to provide accurate, useful information about aquatic issues and Lake Superior.


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