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June 2000

Spotlight Hits Unsavory Subject

It’s now okay to discuss septic systems and new options for addressing a messy issue. This article talks about an artificial wetland that has been constructed near Grand Lake, MN.

Our Lake Has Fleas

Lake Superior is swarming with fleas. At least 36 species of cladocerans, or waterfleas, reproduce in the lake and it looks like a 37th is on its way.

“Bone-Cold Café” Suits Ruffe

A Sea Grant study has shown that the Eurasian ruffe’s metabolism enables this invasive fish to thrive in the cool water of the St. Louis River. The study also indicates that temperature affects the growth of ruffe less than yellow perch that ruffe need more food than perch to survive.

New Research Project Funded

We are funding a new project that seeks to solve a dilemma facing sewage treatment facilities across the Great Lakes and coastal marine areas: what is the best way to treat combined industrial and municipal wastes?

Seiche Newsletter “Rates”

Learn what readers think about this newsletter!

IJC Suggests the Great Lakes are not Exportable

The International Joint Commission has released a report with recommendations about water withdrawal in the Great Lakes.

Minnesota Water Line Takes its Last Call

A toll-free phone service for Minnesotans with questions about water quality (wells, septic systems, etc.) is no longer in operation. This article tells you where else to go for information on water-related topics.

Be a “Sun-Smart” Angler

Tips to limit sun exposure for anglers.

Staff Update

We wrote the best darn news release in the whole darn county in 1998 as a government-related organization. See what committees we are on, where we’ve moved due to “sick building” syndrome, and learn who our new interns are.

Where are They Now?

This is a profile of Derek Ogle, a former Sea Grant-funded graduate student who now works as an assistant professor of mathematics at Northland College in Ashland, WI.

Did Ja Know?

The cost of water varies widely across the United States.













Bow Watch

Our New Advisory Committee

Minnesota Sea Grant Director Carl Richards describes our new advisory committee.

New Publications & Services

A Craving for Crayfish

This is an 11-page recipe card-sized publication that features 10 recipes and instructions on how to transport and prepare crayfish. This is an updated version of the same publication that was printed in 1995.

Stop Exotics, Clean Your Boat Video

Exotics like zebra mussels, Eurasian watermilfoil, and hydrilla are just a few aquatic nuisance species that watercraft users can spread if they’re not careful. “Stop Exotics, Clean Your Boat” shows the simple steps boaters across North America can take to prevent the spread of these nasty plants and animals. This 11-minute video features John Ratzenberger (better known as Cliff Clavin from the TV show “Cheers”).

Directory Compiled for Marine Trades

This directory, “Training for the Marine Trades,” lists educational resources for instruction in boat building, engine repair, fishing, management, marine technology, seamanship, systems, and welding.

Minnesota Lakes Public Meetings Report

This is a free 37-page report that summarizes results from a roundtable meeting and public workshops held in 1998. The meeting and workshops focused on the health of lakes in northeastern Minnesota and were held to define issues and develop strategies to prevent lake deterioration. It’s called “Treasures Under Pressure—The Future of Northeastern Minnesota Lakes.”

New Journal Reprints

This lists five recently-published scientific journal reprints we have available for free.


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