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Seiche Newsletter “Rates”

Thanks to all who took time to complete our readership survey last fall. The survey is our primary mode of getting your feedback. We pay attention to your input - it really does help shape the publication. We risked using humor in the survey, but most of you “got it” and even appreciated it.

Overall, 10 percent of you responded, rating the Seiche as a very good to excellent publication. Most respondents (96%) think the length and detail of Seiche articles are “about right.”

Most (62%) have subscribed between one and ten years, although to a notable number (15%) it seems like an eternity!

We were happy to see that most respondents know how to pronounce seiche (“saysh”). If you ever forget, there’s a pronounciation guide in the newsletter information box usually located on the back page.

Almost all of you (99%) find the topics somewhat or very relevant to your information needs. Some of you use information from the Seiche for teaching purposes, some of you enter the information into scientific databases or use it to write research papers. Many respondents appreciate the information about exotic species. A few are tired of it. Some of you live on Lake Superior, or love the “big lake” and use the newsletter to keep up on what’s happening. Some of you live outside the region, but want to know what’s going on. Some of you pass on the information through news channels or through your own newsletters. Some just like to know what we’re up to at Minnesota Sea Grant.

Respondents were split down the middle about continuing the director’s column (Bow Watch). However, we’re going to do so because many of you commented that it’s important to know what our director is thinking! You’ll see our director’s second column in this issue.

91% of you who requested publications from us, said our response was prompt.

Most (58%) of respondents have not accessed our information via the Web, but why should you? You get the newsletter! However, some of you (22%) would prefer reading the Seiche on the Web rather than receiving a hard copy in the mail. Anyone who would like to be removed from the regular mailing list and signed up to receive notification via e-mail when the Seiche is put on our Web site, please send me your e-mail address along with the address where we currently send your hard copy.

Suggestions you have for the newsletter include providing more information/tools to get young people excited about science, studying seiches in local harbors, more biology-oriented articles, water level change information, pollution control efforts, more articles about aquatic plants, and more about fish and sport fishing.

We are limited to covering mainly what our staff and researchers are working on, but we’ll see what we can do. Thank you for your encouraging comments and for your loyal readership!

By Marie Zhuikov
June 2000

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