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New Journal Reprints

Copies of these reprints are available from Minnesota Sea Grant. Please see our journal reprints order form.

Caldovic, L., Agalliu, D., and Hackett, P. (1999) Position-Independent Expression of Transgenes in Zebrafish. Transgenic Research 8:321-334. Free. JR 448

Fahrenkrug, S., Dahlquist, M., Clark, K., and Hackett, P. (1999) Dynamic and Tissue-Specific Expression of elF4E During Zebrafish Embryogenesis.
Differentiation 65:191-201. Free. JR 463

Fahrenkrug, S., Clark, K., Dahlquist, M., and Hackett, P. (1999) Dicistronic Gene Expression in Developing Zebrafish. Marine Biotechnology 1:552-561. Free. JR 464

Henson, F. and Newman, R. (2000) Effect of Temperature on Growth at Ration and Gastric Evacuation Rate of Ruffe. Transactions of the American Fisheries Society 129:552-560. Free. JR 454

Keough, J., Hagley, C., Ruzycki, E., and Sierszen, M. (1998) 13C Composition of Primary Producers and Role of Detritus in a Freshwater Coastal Ecosystem. Limnology and Oceanography 43(4):734-740. Free. JR 430

By Sea Grant Staff
June 2000

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