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November 1999

Science Overboard!

Vessels Aid Exploration of Lake Superior
Three research vessels, the Blue Heron, the L.L. Smith Jr. and the Lake Explorer, are profiled.

Cash Flows Towards Coast

A new management program for Lake Superior’s shoreline in Minnesota is now in place that makes federal money available for projects like wastewater treatment, erosion control, and wildlife management.

Communicating Superior Science

Read about Lake Superior research results that were discussed by Sea Grant-funded scientists during a day-long forum.

Day Camp for Teachers Receives National Award

A Sea Grant program that educates teachers in the Great Lakes about exotic species received an award from the American Distance Education Consortium.

Teachers Respond to Operation Pathfinder

Twenty-nine teachers were immersed in an intense aquatic experience for two weeks during the summer of 1999. Here are some of their evaluations of the course.

Gene Transfer Research Awarded Beckman Grant

Up to $2.5 million will be used to develop a unique gene transfer project that could help treat genetic diseases.

Lights, Camera, Exotics!

We are working on a 10-minute boater education video about exotic plants and animals. The clean boating message will be delivered by John Ratzenberger (a.k.a. Cliff Clavin of the television show, “Cheers”).

And our own Doug Jensen, Exotic Species Information Center coordinator, got his turn in front of the camera for a cable network broadcast entitled, “Aquatic Invaders.”

Where are They Now?

This is a new section that profiles former graduate student researchers who were funded by Minnesota Sea Grant. See what impact that opportunity had on their lives. For this first profile, we contacted Richard Ying Ji, now the aquaculture coordinator for the Minnesota Department of Agriculture.

Staff Update

One of our staff members is back after a year-long hiatus. Find out what Barb Liukkonen, education coordinator, did with herself when she wasn’t working for us.

Attention Teachers! Water on the Web Guide Book is Available

We now have a guidebook to go along with the Water on the Web site. This illustrated 20-page booklet was prepared as background material for teachers. It introduces data access, interpretation, and application. Single copies of “Water on the Web: Integrating Real-Time Data into Educational Curricula Over the Internet” are free.

Did Ja Know?

The “typical” great lakes science vessel is 50 feet long and 27 years old!

Bow Watch

Thoughts From the Director

Our new director, Carl Richards, has his say about his new job.

New Publications & Services

“Aquatic Invaders” Video

This 30-minute television special examines the threat posed by aquatic nuisance species. It was produced by the cable network, CNBC, as an edition of Information Television Network’s TECHNO 2100 series.

New Journal Reprints

This lists two recently-published scientific journal reprints we have available for free.


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