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April 1999

Great Salt Lake Superior?

Global Warming’s Impacts Predicted
A Sea Grant researcher interprets climate change models and discusses what this could mean for Lake Superior.

Itís More Than Mussels

Minnesota Sea Grant is hosting the ninth international Zebra Mussel and Aquatic Nuisance Species Conference in Duluth (April 26-30, 1999). Find out what the conference will feature and how you can get involved.

Lake Superior Recycles Its PCBs

Recycling isn’t such a good thing where Lake Superior and PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls) are concerned. Sea Grant researchers have found that Lake Superior converts PCBs into fish food instead of burying them in its sediment like smaller freshwater lakes do.

Cruising Educators

University of Minnesota Extension Service educators were exposed to information about Minnesota’s water resources during a special boat cruise last fall.

Making Waves - A Profile of Vince Magnuson

Find out where the vice chancellor for academic administration at the University of Minnesota Duluth grew up and how it’s made him appreciate Minnesota’s lakes.

Staff Update

We have two new volunteers, a new graphic designer, and have promoted one staff member.














New Publications & Services

HazNet Web Site Debuts

The national Sea Grant Network has created a Web site devoted to coastal hazards awareness and mitigation.

Three Inland Lakes Books Available

If you are interested in waterfront living, having a low impact on the shoreland environment, identifying aquatic plants, or learning what Minnesotans think about their lakes, have we got some publications for you!

Explore Lake Superior Shipwrecks

Wisconsin Sea Grant offers a Web site, and waterproof dive guides devoted to the wrecks of the Apostle Islands.

A Nasty Invader - Revised!

Our free fact sheet about the rusty crayfish has been revised.

Explore Science Writing

People who can understand and write science-based stories will continue to be in demand. This 74-page reader for high school teachers and students introduces critical environmental issues facing the Great Lakes and oceans. Cost is $6.

New Journal Reprints

This lists four recently-published scientific journal reprints we have available for free.


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