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A Nasty Invader - Revised!

Rusty Crayfish.

The rusty crayfish (Oroconectes rusticus) has invaded parts of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Ontario, and many other states. Although native to some parts of the southern Great Lakes states, these crayfish pests have spread to many northern lakes and streams, causing ecological problems. They were probably spread by non-resident anglers who brought them north to use as fishing bait. Rusty crayfish are also used in schools for biology projects and may have been released into lakes by well-meaning teachers or students after their projects are finished.

Sea Grant has just revised the fact sheet, Rusty Crayfish: A Nasty Invader, which outlines the biology, ecology, and characteristics of the rusty crayfish. To get your free copy, look on the publications page under the exotics category.

This free publication can be ordered using the free on-line ordering form.

By Sea Grant Staff
April 1999

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