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June 1998

Lake Trout are Heart-Friendly

Fat can be good for you! Fish oil has been found to help prevent heart attacks. Siscowet lake trout are especially high in omega-3 fatty acids. This interview with Paul Addis, professor with the University of Minnesota, discusses the benefits of omega-3’s and has tips on how to choose a good fish oil capsule.

Perch Fish Farm May Help Red Lake Band

Wisconsin Sea Grant is working with the Red Lake Band in Bemidji, Minnesota, to construct a commercial aquaculture system so that walleye and yellow perch may once again bring income into the tribe and local economy.

Celebrate the Year of the Ocean

The United Nations has declared 1998 as the International Year of the Ocean. Find out how to become involved.

Noise Pollution in Ears of Beholder

Personal Watercraft (Jet Skis) are causing controversy in Minnesota. Find out what one of our educators discovered about noise levels on lakes.

Staff Update

Marie SalÚs, Communications Coordinator, was named chair of the National Sea Grant Communications Steering Committee.

Did Ja Know?

Minnesotans love to be on the water.



























Bow Watch

Sea Grant has Minnesota Roots

Minnesota Sea Grant Director Mike McDonald discusses the federal legislation that recently reauthorized the National Sea Grant Program for another 5 years. The idea for Sea Grant was originated by a Minnesotan.

New Publications & Services

Genetics Manual Available

A 66-page manual, “Genetic Guidelines for Fisheries Managers,” which explains the issues and techniques important to conserving genetic variety in fishes has been reprinted. Cost is $2.50.

Exotic Fish Identification Cards Available for Great Lakes Anglers

We recently reprinted two popular wallet-sized cards to aid anglers in identifying two exotic fish found in the Great Lakes, the round goby and the Eurasian ruffe.

Find Great Lakes Temperature Information with CoastWatch

The new CoastWatch Web site shows Great Lakes temperature information in easy-to-understand graphic images that are updated daily.

Fish Consumption Advisory Publications

We have free Minnesota fish consumption advisory booklets and pamphlets published by the MN Department of Health available.


“Marine Education: A Bibliography of Educational Materials Available from the Nation’s Sea Grant College Programs” lists books, reports, brochures, and videos available from the nation’s 29 Sea Grant colleges. This 68-page booklet is available for only $2.

New Journal Reprints

This lists two recently-published scientific journal reprints we have available for free.


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