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Popular Fish Growth Computer Model Available


A Computer Program for Analyzing the Growth of Fish developed by Sanford Weisberg, professor of applied statistics at the University of Minnesota, is still one of the best available.

Fisheries managers need to know how management practices affect the growth of fish. Quantitative monitoring of environmental changes or comparing the growth rate of different populations of fish can be difficult. This computer program allows researchers to compare data from more than one collection in order to estimate year effects from different ages and to build longer time-series of year effects.

line art of a troutThe program is written in XLISP-STAT, which provides graphical representations. It works on Macintoshes with at least four megabytes of memory available; PC’s with at least four megabytes of memory running Microsoft Windows 3.1 or more recent; and on UNIX workstations under X-windows.

The package comes with a manual (Mac or PC version) and disks that include the program, source code, sample data set, and sample output file.

Cost is $25. To order, look on the publications page and our mail order form, under the computer programs category (item RR30).

By Sea Grant Staff
September 1998

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