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Glossary of the Great Lakes

What does GLIN stand for and how it is pronounced? What is the difference between The Great Lakes Initiative, The Great Lakes Charter, and The Great Lakes Critical Program Act? What is a critical pollutant, anyway? What does a seiche have in common with water in a bathtub and what does it have to do with the Great Lakes?

These answers and more are found in this 71-page glossary. A bargain for only $4. To order, please see the publications page and our order form. Item G1. The entire glossary is on our Web site at, www.seagrant.umn.edu/pubs/ggl/index.html.


Glossary of the Great Lakes


A Minnesota Sea Grant publication that provides a quick and easy reference to the multitude of programs, initiatives, regulations, and terms dealing with Great Lakes issues. Perfect for regulatory and environmental agency staff, or anyone who wants to know more about the Great Lakes.

By Sea Grant Staff
March 1998

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