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Twin Ports Climate Conversation: It’s Your Time to Talk

Photo: Duluth, MN Skyline

December 18, 2018
11:30 a.m. to noon networking and lunch (provided)
Noon to 1:00 p.m. presentation and conversation
Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
Large Conference Room
525 Lake Avenue South, Suite 400A
Paulucci Building
Duluth, MN 55802

The December Twin Ports Climate Conversation (TPCC) will be your time to talk, TPCC planners’ time to listen, and all of us share a lunch of soup and salad from the Duluth Grill.

Survey response

About 120 people responded to our TPCC survey earlier this fall with suggestions and ideas about TPCC events. The December meeting will focus on presenting survey results and gathering your ideas on prioritizing actions. Your input at this meeting will help the planning group create a deliberate and focused plan to help TPCC meet community needs.

Changes underway

We’re already taking action based on your input. Survey respondents said they want:

More time to talk and discuss during TPCC: We’ll be doing that.

To hear more about mitigation: We’ve got a mitigation speaker in February.

To hear more from Dr. Kenny Blumenfeld, state of Minnesota senior climatologist: He will be our speaker in January.

Why is this important

Our monthly TPCC conversations are going strong and the need for continued conversation appears to be growing. The changing nature of our western Lake Superior climate and resulting implications for our communities provides continued motivation for this public forum. Changes include:

  • We are warmer and wetter
  • We are losing our winter cold, especially our coldest overnight temperatures

Another motivation is the recent release of the second volume of the fourth National Climate Assessment - a report focusing on impacts, risks, and adaptation. Noted changes in this report are expected to increasingly impact water resources, air quality, human health, agriculture, natural ecosystems, energy and transportation infrastructure, and many other natural and human systems that support communities in our area and across the country. The report indicates the severity of these projected impacts, and the risks they present to society, is greater under future scenarios with higher greenhouse gas emissions, especially if limited or no human adaptation action occurs.

About TPCC

Since 2015, hundreds of Twin Ports residents have participated in monthly Twin Ports Climate Conversations. This is a unique community dialogue and other communities in Minnesota are looking to TPCC as a model for engaging the public in questions of climate change. We cover a lot of ground: perspectives on impacts to natural resources, fisheries, local food sources, public health, water infrastructure, recreation, and more. Every month a new focus is presented and discussed.

Everyone is welcome and we looking forward to talking with you in December.

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