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How Will Climate Affect Tourism on the North Shore: Two Harbors Workshop

March 16 POSTPONED due to weather.
Rescheduled for May 5th, 5-7:30 p.m.

May 5, 2016
5:00 - 7:30 p.m.
Grand Superior Lodge
2862 MN-61
Two Harbors, MN

How many trips, on average, do tourists make to the North Shore each summer? Will an increased risk of heat waves and fires put a damper on North Shore recreation and tourism?

Hear answers to these questions and join in a conversation with fellow community members about climate readiness on the North Shore. The workshop is the culmination of a research project led by the University of Minnesota and funded by Minnesota Sea Grant. Faculty from Minnesota have collaborated with researchers from Carleton College and North Carolina State University. Learn about the research findings!

Potential climate futures for the North Shore region:
A team of scientists from the University of Minnesota created climate models for the North Shore region that consider variables such as heat index, snow depth, and wind chill.
How visitors will respond to changing conditions:
In winter and summer of 2015 the research team intercepted visitors at tourist hot-spots along the North Shore and asked about the types of activities they were participating in, how much money they were spending in the region, and what their future travel plans to the North Shore might look like.
How the local economy will be affected:
Combining the results of the tourist survey with past visitation and economic data allowed the research team to assess the potential economic impact of future tourism behavior on the North Shore.
What community members are saying about climate readiness on the North Shore:
Hear community insights on recreation and tourism, community engagement, and emerging areas of concern on the North Shore.

Registration required. The workshop is intended for those who live and work on the North Shore. Space is limited. Contact Karen at katzx096@umn.edu or 651-246-0974.

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