Fish Videos

DIY Fish Descender (Lakes & Streams 101)

Build a device to improve the chances that deepwater fish, like lake trout, will survive a catch-and-release experience. View the 1-mintue video version here.

Fishing on Lake Superior

Cold, vast and deep, Lake Superior's virtually an inland ocean and it can be a bit foreboding. But at the far western end of the lake, just north of Duluth, Minnesota, a productive harvest is going on virtually year-round: lake herring, a smokehouse favorite. And it takes a special kind of character to brave Superior alone, in an open boat, to chase down this native fish. The America's Heartland Series is produced by KVIE Television, a PBS affiliate.

In Celebration of Ciscos

A professional chef competition led into a salute to Lake Superior's sustainable fisheries. Ciscos (lake herring) never tasted so good! Credits: Narrated by Jesse Schomberg; Music by Michael Monroe; Edited by Chris J. Benson; Produced by Minnesota Sea Grant. Photographers: Chris J. Benson, Doug Fairchild, Andy Goldfine. Videographer: Jesse Schomberg. Narration Writers: Russell Habermann, Sharon Moen.

Lake Superior Fish

There are a small number of commercial fisherman left on Lake Superior. Harley Tofte, who has seen the lake and the industry change over the last 29 years, operates Dockside Fish Market out of Grand Marais, Minn., and sells to the local restaurants. Watch this episode of The Perennial Plate to see how Lake Superior's fish get to your table. The Perennial Plate is an online weekly documentary series dedicated to socially responsible and adventurous eating.

Lake Superior Food Fish (Lakes & Streams 101)

Jeff Gunderson, Fisheries and Aquaculture Extension Director and Minnesota Sea Grant Director, joins Northland's NewsCenter host Jeanne Filkins to talk about the preservation of Lake Superior food fish and their impact on the coastal economy.

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