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Science Institute for Educators
K-12 educator opportunities in Duluth and Finland, Minn. Meet scientists, learn about Lake Superior.
The Story After the Storm Series
The Story After the Storm series examines the aftermath of Duluth's 2012 flood.
COSEE Great Lakes
Advancing Great Lakes and ocean science education by developing partnerships between scientists and educators.
Water on the Web
This is a Web-based national curriculum for colleges and high schools that provides real data, primers, data interpretation, Geographic Information Systems tools, and more. educational resources
An awareness of watershed processes can begin at an early age. The curricula provided by will assist you in preparing lessons for pre-school through highschool students.
Partners in Education Program
This collaboration between Minnesota Sea Grant and the Great Lakes Aquarium enables University of Minnesota Duluth education students to volunteer to work with education professionals.


A-maze-ing Lake Superior
Twenty-nine activities about Lake Superior for kids and adults ages 8 and up. Includes mazes, word puzzles, and fun facts!
The Great Lakes Basin - maps
Five 12x16 maps of each Great Lake and its basin, complete with additional information. A sixth map opens to 17x22" and features the entire Great Lakes System.
Listening to the Lake
Keep in touch with what's going on with Lake Superior with this collection of short informational radio broadcasts.
The Lake Superior Game
In this game designed for groups, a bucket of water representing Lake Superior either gradually becomes polluted and depleted, or not, depending upon the choices made by players.
Exploring Science Writing: An Environmental Focus
Ideal for grade 8-12 classes in English, journalism, and science, this workbook includes assignments and various writings about science and natural resources.

Aquatic Invasive Species Materials for Educators

Traveling Trunks
Rent a trunkload of aquatic invasive species educational materials.
Exotics on the Move
Collection of lesson plans about aquatic invasive species on CD-ROM.
Exotic Species Compendium of Activities to Protect the Ecosystem
Community Stewardship Projects on Exotic Aquatic Species
This booklet provides summaries of 15 community stewardship projects created by students to increase awareness about aquatic invasive species.
Biological Control of Purple Loosestrive, 4-H Leader’s Guide & Youth Manual
Youths can contribute to controlling loosestrife if provided with the right tools and adult guidance.
Aquatic Invasive Species: An Educator's Information and Materials Guide
A booklet containing selected educational materials for k-12 teachers and informal educators.
America’s Most Unwanted Poster
Color photos and comical illustrations of 5 species adorn the poster, and the special perforated page at the bottom features information for use in classrooms.
Mussel Menace! instructors training package
An instructor's training package about the problems caused by zebra mussels and how to prevent their spread.
Nab the Aquatic Invader!
A fun way to learn about aquatic invaders. By using this site you can check out lots of unusual species that create real problems in the Atlantic, Pacific, Gulf, and Great Lakes regions.

Resources for Educators Archive

Ask a Scientist
Explore scientific topics with experts and friends in the relaxed atmosphere of a local coffee house.

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